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November Dance Skill Exchange – Ms. Lauren K/1 & Ms. Teryka 4/5

These images are from our November Dance Skill Exchange with Lauren’s K/1 class and Terycka’s 4/5th grade class.  The different grades/classes at SFC have what is called their “buddy classroom” and these two are a match. Each trimester of SFC’s dance curriculum is culminated with a skill exchange where students can teach and learn from their peers. Ms. Alli – SFC’s dance teacher – helped
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Ms. Lauren’s K/1 – Field Trip!

Last week our class made it to The Excelsior Science Workshop. This is an amazing oasis of science about 5 blocks from SF Community.  Kids were excited to be out of school.  It was fun to be able to walk the streets to this field trip. The topic of the day was “What is the Matter?”  For almost 2 hours the kids explored all
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Ms. Lauren’s K/1 – October Writing Celebration!

On Friday October 24, 2014 Ms. Lauren’s K/1 had their monthly writing celebration.  Each month the kids work on a different topic as they learn to write and tell their stories.  This month it was a “true story” or non-fiction story that happened to them. The parents are invited for the first 1/2 hour of school as the children share their stories that they
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Whole School Picnic – Ms. Lauren’s K/1

On Friday, October 3rd the kids from Ms. Lauren’s K/1 as well of the rest of the K-8 students from SFC headed over to Crocker Amazon Park for our Whole School Picnic.  This picnic is a yearly tradition at SFC and a super fun “team building” event. It was an extremely hot day and the kids all walked about 12 plus blocks to the
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Ms. Lauren’s Kinder – Project Open House

Thursday May 29, 2014 was SFC’s Project Open House.   Presentations are a big part of the learning process at SFC and even the littlest of SFC’s students participate. Ms. Lauren’s Kinder presented “Vertebrates All Around.”  The event was well attended with all the parents of the class as well as a few guests of our incoming families/kindergarten kids. The class was broken up into two groups. 
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Ms. Lauren’s Kinder – Soccer!

  On Tuesday May 20th the kids from Ms. Lauren’s Kinder played a friendly game of soccer against their principal Nora.  This game was an auction item that was up for sale at SFC’s 2nd Annual Pie Social and Auction.  The item stated, “the lucky winner of this item will get to organize their own soccer team for the privilege of playing a match
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Ms. Lauren’s Kindergarten Room 104

Room 104 has been through a lot of changes this year.  Ms. Lauren has stepped in and in just under a couple months, the students are in a new routine learning and growing.  She has brought a different twist to the kids usual day.  In stead of doing a longer “work shop” in their reading, writing and math the kids are now broken into smaller groups
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K/1 Room 104 – Big Changes!

There are some serious changes happening in the K/1 at SFC.  Room 104’s teacher Nathalie is leaving.  As challenging as this can be for our youngest kids at SFC there has been an amazing out pour of help and support from the SFC Community and specifically the parents of Room 104. Fortunately, we have a new teacher – Lauren Goss – on the way who will start
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Teacher Nathalie’s Kinder – SF Symphony Field Trip

On Friday January 24 the kindergarten, first grade and second grade kids all went to the San Francisco Symphony for a special concert event.  The goal of this field trip was to show the kids what the symphony is about.  It all started with a ride on a big yellow school bus.  The kids were jumping up and down when the bus arrived.  Everyone was so
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Nathalie’s Kinder – Measuring Up!

Last week in class for their Math Workshop, the kids are learning all about measurements!