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Teacher Nathalie’s K – Oct 10, 2013

Yesterday I was able to visit Teacher Nathalie’s class.  I was there in the morning as all the kids walked in their line single file into room 104.  Teacher Nathalie greeted each child at the door.  Once inside the kids seems to know just what to do.  Without being reminded, they all took out their lunch boxes and put them on top of the
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Nathalie’s Kindergarten class at whole school picnic Oct. 4, 2013

Last Friday the Kindergarteners took their first ever field trip.  It was for the annual SFC Whole School Picnic.  It was a long, hot walk to the Crocker Amazon park.  The kids must’ve walked at least 10 blocks from SFC. It was a fun adventure and they did great.  The Kindergarteners had a wonderful time playing games and getting to know some of the other kids
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Teacher Nathalie Kindergarten Sept, 2013

A lot has happened over the last few weeks.Teacher Nathalie is so great at capturing the moment and sharing a little insight with us.  Here are some highlights… The pictures with 2 students sitting next to each other are from the first time we tried partner reading during Reading Workshop last week. Independent reading with book bin labels visible is the first time they
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Teacher Nathalie’s Kindergarten Class

It is a big transition for a child’s life…. Kindergarten! There were several ups and downs over the last month but in teacher Nathalie’s Kindergarten class, the kids are learning a lot already. They have been focusing on getting to know the rules of the classroom and their new school. They are learning where to put their stuff, how to use a hall pass to go to the bathroom or get
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