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Heat and Ulysses, 5/6 classes 10/25/13

Today’s reporters are John and Lena. On Wednesday we watched a video of Bill Nye the Science Guy. He was teaching us about heat. He explained the difference between radiation, convection, and conduction. They all have to do with heat. We went on a field trip to the Excelsior Science Workshop. Group A went on Thursday and Group B went today (Friday).  We learned more
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What’s Happening in 5/6, week of 10/14/13

This is the first blog for the 5/6 classes this year. Look for a rotating group of reporters, filling you in on what the 5/6 classes are doing. This week’s reporters are Erika and Samantha. This week we’re learning all about fractions. We’re multiplying, dividing, and simplifying fractions. In science, we’re learning about rocks. What’s the rock cycle, how rocks are formed, what they’re
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