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Library Open on Wednesday Mornings

Two morning readers enjoy the library. The SFC library is open before school on Wednesdays from 8:30-9:15! Your child can look at pop-up books, check out and return library books, do homework, or just sit and read, read, read! Prizes will be given to students who come at least three Wednesdays a month. Happy reading! ~Tawnya

5/6 classes, week of 12/16-12/20/13

Above: 6th graders out on Monday’s field trip Today’s reporters are Kayla, David, and Marvin. On Monday we went on a field trip to see “A Nightmare on Puberty Street”. [Only the 6th graders went -Ed.] It was pretty funny, a cool play. It was about four people and they each had their own stories. The girl asked her parents a lot of questions
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Scholastic Book Fair This Week!

The Scholastic Book Fair is coming to SFC! December 17-19, 2013 *Quality books * Prices start at under $5* Shopping Hours: Tuesday 12/17  8.30am-4pm Wednesday 12/18  8.30am-5pm Thursday 12/19  5pm-6pm, 7.15-8pm Buy a book for yourself, family, or friends! 50% of the proceeds come back to SFC to buy books for our library and classrooms. How it works: All students will visit the book
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Teacher Nobie’s K/1 Class, 5/17/13

Above: Margot’s pasta & bean picture. “I started making a face and then it turned into something else.” Today during choice time we built several large magna tile towers. A couple of them tumbled down, but here’s one before it fell. Remember the safety rule is, don’t build it above your head! We also continued making pictures with dried pasta and beans. Guess who
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Teacher Nobie’s K/1 Class, 3/22/13

Above: our flock of birds is growing This afternoon we did some painting before choice time. Most of them were dry by the time we packed up for library, but some people put their paint on pretty thick and their paintings weren’t dry! At choice time we made more birds. The birds are still very popular; we had a sign-up sheet and people kept
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Teacher Nobie’s K/1 class, 12/21/12

We had Project Open House last night! Lots of families came and we showed the work we’ve been doing on our Community project. We ended the presentation by singing “It’s a Wonderful World”. We made snowflakes during choice time; we’ll make some more in January so that people who didn’t get a turn today can make some. At library time Tawnya showed us a
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Teacher Nobie’s K-1 Class, 11/30/12

Our class quilt is finished! We spread it out on the floor to examine it more closely. The squares are arranged alphabetically by person’s name, so we went through the alphabet and found each person’s square. Chi-An (who put the quilt together) says: I liked how everyone did a square, even those people that don’t like drawing so much. We all contributed to the
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Teacher Nobie’s K-1 class, 11/9/12

Above: Ben lets his quilt square do the talking. At choice time today we continued working on our quilt project. Camilo shows his square. Orlando shows some love. Isalena shows her self-portrait. It includes a ladybug. Lia’s square has lots of colored snowballs and pink polka-dots! Christopher and Fredy are working on their pictures. Christopher’s name is really long, so Fredy gave him a
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Teacher Nobie’s K-1 Class, 11/2/12

Above: Iisis with her finished drawing. Today we started a quilt as part of our Community project. Our classroom is one example of a community to which we all belong. Each person in the class is going to draw a picture of themselves on a fabric square. When they are all finished, they will be sewn together into one quilt to represent our classroom
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