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SFC School Wide Step Up Ceremony

On Thursday May 21 at 2:30pm the entire school, K-8 met in the lower yard to celebrate SFC’s first annual Step Up Ceremony. This was an event where all the kids in the school could celebrate how far they have come since last August and congratulate each other for moving on to the next grade. SFC always focuses on celebrating our virtues. These are
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The Hour of Code Comes to SFC

Above: Ezra gives a thumbs up to learning code! This week SFC participated in the Hour of Code. The Hour of Code is a program sponsored by Code.org as an effort to get more schoolchildren worldwide learning about computer science. From the Code.org website: “Kids are constantly using technology today, but how many are learning how to build it? Every 21st- century student should
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Art Workshop With Ms. Dahlke’s Humanities Classes

Ellen Dahlke’s Humanities classes enjoyed some extra hands-on art time yesterday.  They had a special workshop with Peopleologie, learning about coiled clay pots of Southwest Native American traditions and the oldest continually inhabited pueblos in the US.  These students are also engaged in a playwriting project about people and communities making art.    

Middle School Electives are Underway….

  Did you know we at SFC are piloting a new Elective Block for the Middle School students on Tuesday afternoons? At the beginning of the school year, we offered the students “ballots” with several choices in order to rank their preferences for classes during this time block. The arts staff took on the sorting and placement of students in these classes and the
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5/6 Spring Project Open House

Above: Ancient Rome Our Project Open House display was two parts: In Molly’s room, we showed what we had learned about ancient civilizations with the Towers of Power. Each group made a sculpture depicting the power structure; they also wrote a chapter book detailing what they had learned about the civilization. Incan house: Indus Valley: Book about The Indus Valley: A page from the
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5/6 Classes Group B, week of 4/28/14

Today’s reporters are Diana and Julian. In math we started the volume unit. We’re learning volumes of 3D shapes like cubes, cones, cylinders, prisms,pyramids. In science we’re finishing up our puberty pamphlets. We’re doing our final drafts. The pamphlets are for Project Open House. 5th graders are testing this week so our schedule is messed up. 6th graders are testing next week. The grades
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5/6 Group A, week of 4/14/14

Today’s reporters are Timyas and Kali. We’re studying angles: complementary and supplementary. Supplementary angles are out of 180 degrees, and complementary angles are out of 90 degrees. We researched for our brochures for Project Open House. The brochures are about changing bodies, STDs, and other topics from the Puberty unit. We’re studying Ancient Civilizations. People are in groups on different civilizations: Rome, Mesopotamia, Indus
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5/6 Classes Group A, week of 4/7/14

Today’s reporters are Samantha and Yesenia. Today we’re researching puberty on the Chromebooks. We each have a different topic to research. Samantha: I’m researching changing bodies. Yesenia: Me too. Some other topics are STDs, AIDS, how to be safe. In math we’re studying angles: right angles, straight angles, acute and obtuse angles and their degrees. We’re studying parallelograms and solving problems. For example if
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5/6 Class Group B, week of 3/24/14

Today’s reporters are Eduardo and Ezekiel. On Monday, it was just the usual Monday but in Math we went back to fractions for a little bit. We’re doing different math projects. Today we did a Jeopardy game where the categories were like Multiplication, Division, Geometry, Fractions and Decimals, and Mish-Mash, which is questions from all the categories. We started learning about angles. In the
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5/6 Class Group A, week of 3/17/14

Above: Pictures we did while studying similar figures. Today’s reporters are Theo and Caitlyn. Today in PE we ran the pacer test again. Coach Eric says: Most people have run it 3 times, some have run it 4, so we probably won’t run it again. Next we’ll do some other fitness tests. Caitlyn: Mostly everybody got past their goal. In Math we’re doing discounts
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