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Family Engagement

As a Small School by Design, our partnerships with families are essential. Families participate in myriad ways: as chaperones on field trips and camping trips, as volunteers in the classrooms and on the yard, and in planning and participating in community building events. In addition to a productive School Site Council and English Learner Advisory Council, we have a Parent Action Committee (PAC), which serves much the same function that PTAs do in other public schools. See the Parent Action Committee section for more information.

Here are some of the ways in which families can contribute:

  • Volunteering in your child’s classroom
  • Helping in the school office (answering phones, making copies, etc.)
  • Participating in garden and school maintenance work days
  • Accompanying field trips
  • Producing the weekly newsletter
  • Representing SFC at outreach and enrollment events
  • Writing grants and working on Development initiatives
  • Working on our web site
  • Tutoring in math
  • Supervising play and lunch time in the school yard
  • Volunteering in the Library during lunch and after school
  • Translating: Spanish &  Chinese