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Parent Action Committee

At SF Community School, parent and family engagement has been always a core value and a critical factor in our success. There are many ways for families to lend a hand, but one of the key ways to contribute to our vibrant school is to join our Parent Action Committee (PAC). The PAC serves much the same function that PTAs do in other public schools. This vital group oversees and organizes all aspects of family engagement, volunteering, and fundraising.

The Parent Action Committee is focused on:

  • raising money to supplement school budget, maintaining awareness of equity issues
  • building a sense of community and promote communication between and among families and between families, the school and the broader community
  • supporting and appreciating teachers and other school staff
  • contributing to the cleanliness, safety, and attractiveness of the school
  • acting collectively on issues of concern to school families
  • communicating and implementing family- generated ideas in conjunction with the School Site Council and Lead Team

Notes from our PAC meetings can be found here: http://my-sfcs.org/whats-new/community-group-meeting-minutes/