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After School

SF Community students have two after school options—the onsite City Scholars EXCEL program or the Boys and Girls Club, which adjoins our campus.

City Scholars

The City Scholars after school academic and enrichment program is run by the Excelsior Boys and Girls Club and is free for all SF Community students. Historically, we have been able to enroll all SFC students who are interested in participating in the program. Families of students enrolled in the after school program must commit to 3 days a week until 6:30p.m. (5:30p.m. on Tuesdays) each day. The program is structured as follows: 1/3 academics/homework support, 1/3 recreation, and 1/3 enrichment activities, including art, dance, and technology. To get a glimpse into the action, check out the City Scholars blog.

For more information about SFC’s EXCEL after school program please contact the Program Director, Dominick.

Boys and Girls Club

The adjacent Boys and Girls Club is another after school alternative that is open from 2:15-7:00p.m. and on some school holidays. SFC students who are at least 6 years old may use the club for an annual membership fee of $20. To find out more about the Boys and Girls Club, see http://www.kidsclub.org/programs/find-a-club/excelsior-clubhouse/