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Thank you for supporting our community!

We gratefully accept credit card donations via the PayPal portal, just click the “Donate” button:

We gratefully accept one-time or recurring monthly donations via PayPal. Making a recurring monthly donation means you choose an amount and automatically pay it electronically each month. This is a great way for our PAC to budget efficiently and be able to provide our students with an wide array of programs and resources.

Please note: You do not need a PayPal account to make a one-time donation.

Does Your Employer Match Donations?
Many companies match employee donations to schools and other non-profits. Ask your company if they match funds and double your donation that way!

Interested in donating stock?
Use this link to go to Stock Donator, a website that will transfer the stock to Project OLE’s account and send the proceeds of the sale. Your stock donation is also tax deductible; in some cases this may be a better tax benefit for you. Click here to start the process:
Donate Stock To Project Ole

Thank you for your generosity!
Project OLE is the official registered name of SF Community School’s 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization: Federal Tax ID # 94-3379867.
 Your donation is tax deductible.

Some commonly asked questions about donations:

Q: Why does SFC need to raise money? Isn’t public school free?
A: Almost all of the money we receive from the school district goes to fund staff positions. SFC does this to keep class sizes small. We still need to raise $100,000 yearly in order to keep our school running.

Q: What do we pay for with the money we raise?
A: Our garden program, Playworks (supervision and game organizing before school and during recess), camping trips, classroom books, teacher training, project based learning, classroom furniture, whole school events, as well as more mundane but necessary things like classroom supplies and paper for the copier.

Q: How can $100,000 cover a garden teacher, coaches at recess, and all that other stuff?
A: We work with nonprofits to run many of our programs at a deep discount. For example, Education Outside provides our garden program and Playworks provides our playground coaches — we pay less than $20,000 per year to participate in these programs.

Q: How much should I donate?
A: We ask incoming Kindergarten families to make a one-time donation equivalent to one month of their preschool tuition. After that, we ask all families to make a regular monthly donation. Depending on what they can afford, this could be anywhere from $5 – $300. Some families prefer to write checks in response to specific needs at the school, and of course that’s fine too.

Q: How much of the money we raise comes from donations?
A: It varies from year to year — we try to raise as much as possible from grants and from parent donations, so we can give our kids the best experience possible. In the 2015-2016 school year, we had about $65,000 in parent donations. We do also get grants, but that money is usually earmarked for specific projects, plus it can take months or even up to a year to receive grant money.

Q: Why does PAC keep asking me for money? Why do I also get asked to donate food and classroom supplies?
A: Quite simply, we make a lot of asks during the year because there are a lot of needs at our school, and families like to give in different ways. Some families like to just do a “set it and forget it” of a monthly donation via PayPal, some write one big check for the year. Some like to donate food for events, some like to purchase classroom supplies to help a specific teacher. You may see different campaigns & asks during the year and you are under no obligation to give to them, although we hope you will donate to at least some of them during the school year.

Q: How can I donate?
A: You can donate money to Project OLE via PayPal using the buttons above — either set up a monthly subscription, or make a one-time contribution. There is also a black Project OLE box in the school office where you can drop off cash or checks (made out to “Project OLE”).

Q: What is Project OLE?
A: Project OLE is the nonprofit entity that SFC established to administer grants and donations (OLE stands for “Outstanding Learning Environment”).

Q: Can I take a tax deduction for my donations to school?
A: Absolutely. Please make sure that any checks are written to Project OLE. Project OLE is a registered 503(c) non-profit and has a tax ID number. All donors whose monetary donations total more than $100 for the calendar year will receive a tax receipt letter in January. If you need a receipt sooner than that (for instance for a corporate matching program), please contact the PAC treasurer (PACtreasurer _at_ my-sfcs.org). We also have a donated goods receipt if you’d like to take a tax write-off for items that you donate to school.

Q: Is money donated through DonorsChoose different from money that goes to PAC?
A: Yes. DonorsChoose is a web site that teachers can use to fund specific projects (either field trips or materials to use in the classroom). Anyone can donate, but the money has to be used for that specific purpose. Money that is donated to PAC goes into a general fund that benefits all classrooms, or pays for school-wide programs.If you would like to be informed of SFC’s DonorsChoose projects as soon as they come up, go to the SFC page on DonorsChoose and mark it as a favorite.

Q: How do fundraising campaigns work?
A: Sometimes PAC will publicize specific programs, to make the community more aware of what donations are paying for. For example, we might send out an email that says, “We need to raise $5,000 to pay for this year’s camping trips,” and then send updates to tell parents how much of that money we’ve raised. Although we’re emphasizing one expense during the campaign, we typically don’t earmark the funds we raise — everything still goes into the same general fund. It also doesn’t mean that the program will be canceled if we don’t raise enough money. If that happened, we would look to another fundraising source (such as grants) instead.

Q: I have set up a monthly donation through PayPal — does that count towards fundraising campaigns?
A: Yes, when we send updates about how much money we’ve raised towards a campaign goal, we include all of the monthly donations.

Q: Are there other ways I can support the school?
A. Yes, we are affiliated with several fundraising programs with local stores as well as with Amazon Smile. Profits from our yearly events such as Kermes, Pancake Breakfast, and the Scholastic Book Fair also go to our school. And of course we have lots of volunteer opportunities.

Q: I have a question that isn’t answered here, or I have a fundraising idea. What do I do?
A. Great! Please come to the next PAC meeting (held throughout the year) and make your voice heard.