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5/6 Group A, week of 4/14/14

Today’s reporters are Timyas and Kali. We’re studying angles: complementary and supplementary. Supplementary angles are out of 180 degrees, and complementary angles are out of 90 degrees. We researched for our brochures for Project Open House. The brochures are about changing bodies, STDs, and other topics from the Puberty unit. We’re studying Ancient Civilizations. People are in groups on different civilizations: Rome, Mesopotamia, Indus
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How will YOU Celebrate Earth Day (everyday)?

  Ms. Kathleen’s 2nd Graders chalk up the sidewalk with a big reminder that next Tuesday is EARTH DAY. They brainstorm ideas about what they love about nature and what they do in their lives to to thank and protect Mother Earth: things like carpooling, composting, recycling and growing our garden. The garden is a great place to connect with nature and to learn
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5/6 Classes Group A, week of 4/7/14

Today’s reporters are Samantha and Yesenia. Today we’re researching puberty on the Chromebooks. We each have a different topic to research. Samantha: I’m researching changing bodies. Yesenia: Me too. Some other topics are STDs, AIDS, how to be safe. In math we’re studying angles: right angles, straight angles, acute and obtuse angles and their degrees. We’re studying parallelograms and solving problems. For example if
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