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“A Solid Takes a Shape” – K/1 students at Project Open House

Last night, parents throughout the school descended into classrooms to listen to presentations by excited students in all grades. I spent the first part of the evening in Miss Joy’s classroom, watching videos of light and sound experiments and interviewing student experts on their projects. For the second half, we went to Ramsey’s K/1 class to hear a rousing rendition of “The Matters Song” where students presented
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November Dance Skill Exchange – Ms. Lauren K/1 & Ms. Teryka 4/5

These images are from our November Dance Skill Exchange with Lauren’s K/1 class and Terycka’s 4/5th grade class.  The different grades/classes at SFC have what is called their “buddy classroom” and these two are a match. Each trimester of SFC’s dance curriculum is culminated with a skill exchange where students can teach and learn from their peers. Ms. Alli – SFC’s dance teacher – helped
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City Scholars Represent Your Culture Potluck

    On the last day of school before Thanksgiving Break, the students, families, and staff of the City Scholars After School Program turned out for a multicultural potluck. It was great to see all of the awesome food that families brought to share from their cultural backgrounds, and the dinner reminded everyone of how lively and fun the after school community has become this
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